Tile Diamond

Rug Renovator

Rug RenovatorCeramic Tile is one of the fastest growing hard floors in the country. In fact, by the year 2016, Ceramic Tile is expected to be the largest selling hard floor market. Accompanying this trend will be the need to keep said surfaces clean and pristine. For those of your customers who are tired of getting on their hands and knees to clean Ceramic Tile floors, looking for a cleaning tool that handles both the tile and grout, and are looking for a flexible tool to clean hard to reach areas (ex: behind toilets, kitchen appliances), the new patented Tile Diamond floor cleaning tool is the answer! The Tile Diamond floor cleaning system will reduce the number of tools (big toothbrush and mop versus one Tile Diamond) and cleaning chemicals (one chemical for both tile and grout).

The Tile Diamond cleaning system saves consumers time and money versus having their Tile flooring professionally cleaned. There is no need to have to bend down and scrub Tile floors anymore.

Product benefits:
  • Save time and money by utilizing one tool to clean both tile and grout
  • Patented red diamond bristle pattern is designed to clean grout valleys
  • Gray bristles are designed for cleaning both flat and uneven surfaces
  • The Tile Diamond is lightweight, durable and has a customizing telescopic handle 8" Cleaning head allows brush to work its way into tight areas
  • Industry exclusive technology that is only available to your customers
  • Consumers save money and see great results versus paying a professional cleaning company

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